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About us

Monday 10 March 2014, by Manu

The international Nyéléni newsletter is the voice of the international movement for Food Sovereignty. Its main goal is to strengthen the grassroots of the movement, by providing accessible material on key issues and creating a space - for individuals and organisations involved in the struggle - to exchange their experiences and share information.

It would not be possible to produce the newsletter without valuable contributions from members of the movement in the form of articles, illustrations, knowledge, and suggestions, as well as financial support.

Special thanks go out to all the professional translators who with their volunteer work make the newsletter available in English, Spanish and French.

Partners Organisations

In recent years hundreds of organisations and movements have been engaged in struggles, mobilisations, and other activities to defend and promote the right of people to Food Sovereignty around the world. Many of these organisations were present in the Nyéléni Forum 2007 and feel part of a broader Food Sovereignty Movement that considers the Nyéléni 2007 Declaration as its political platform. The Nyéléni Newsletter is the voice of this international movement.

Organisations involved:
Brot fuer die Welt,
FIAN International,
Focus on the Global South,
Food First,
Friends of the Earth International,
Grassroots International,
IPC for food sovereignty,
La Via Campesina,
Oxfam Germany,
Oxfam Solidarity,
Real World Radio,
The World Forum Of Fish Harvesters & Fish Workers,
VSF-Justicia Alimentaria Global,
World Forum of Fisher People,
World March of Women.